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Solar Pool Heating Panel Solutions.... to suit every need

  • Solar heating your pool is efficient, hassle free, economical and environmentally friendly.
  • Free sun warms the Suncatcher solar panels and transfers the heat directly into your pool water circulating in the panels.
  • Warm pool water will boosts your swimming enjoyment exponentially, whether you are playing in the pool with the kids, having a relaxing swim after work or exercising.
  • Warm pools are used more and add value to your home.

The sun is free, now and always. With more than 25 yrs experience, Suncatcher and SunCommand solar pool heating panels, allow you to double your pool usage, as well as increase the value & fun time spent in your pool.

We offer the highest quality, lowest running cost, maintenance free, long life solar heating solution under the sun. Beware of imitations not all “panels” are solid propylene. Find out the facts..

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Suncatcher Pool Heating

- Maintenance FREE & Durable panels
- 30 year Warranty
- Keep fit all year round.


Electric Heat Pumps

- After Solar heating, the most economical
way to swim 365 days a year.


Gas Heating

- For those wanting to swim all year round.
- Gas offers an effective solution.
- We supply various brands such as :
   Zodiac, Hurlcon, Jandy


Pool covers for any pools

- All shapes and sizes